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Tencel cooperation with Merino wool weave new collocation

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Austria cellulose fiber manufacturer Lenzing and the international wool board, the Merino wool blend with Tencel, and for high-end textiles and sports wear.

Tencel humidity management features and smooth surface, is considered to be an ideal partner with Merino wool blend blend.

According to Lenzing, international brands have begun to use the two kinds of fibers in their range, which also proved especially popular among European and American clients. The blended fabric is mainly used in sportswear, but also in knitwear.

Lenzing, chief commercial officer Robert Van de Kerkhof said, "we can already see Tencel and Merino wool blended after in the great achievements of knitwear.

The company said that the new season's objectives will be directed at the woven fabric, cloth will be used for high-quality suits and clothes.

Van de Kerkhof added that "in Europe and Turkey, the focus is knitting and circular knitting, for men and women of the coat and the boy's coat; and in Asia, is the focus of woven fabrics". "The long-term goal is to 2020 using Tencel/Merino wool blended wool to conquer the high-end Merino market, and establish a solid fusion in this series of products in the elegant".

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