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The European silk industry presents future financing plans

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The silk industry in Europe to get investment to carry out research, to improve the quality of the plateau, and the establishment of a can replace the plateau material sources of China. "To Europe sericulture - the European Sericulture)" plan based on European Strategy Investment Fund (EFSI) financing in a textile and fashion industry opportunities workshop:.

International rayon and synthetic processing of silk yarn and silk is a natural user association (AIUFFAS, International Association of users of artificial and synthetic filament yarns and of natural silk) President Philippe de montgrand said silk industry in Europe has a long tradition, but also with a strong ability to innovate. There are about 200 silk production of small and medium-sized enterprises are concentrated in Lombardy, Italy and France RH's ne-Alpes. 2 million direct employment opportunities.

At present, supply of raw silk mainly depend on China - EU fashion brand and silk manufacturer for high-quality raw silk long-term dependence on imports and a shortage of supply risk concerns. The plan aims to combine research and investment, to development of European sustainable sericulture and silk reeling industry - this is by marzotto spa, Ratti spa and silk research center of third party conducted a preliminary research on the view.

At this stage, the European silk industry is seeking support from the European Union in R & D and skills development, as well as providing financing support to this industry.

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